Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover

Support Centre

Australian-based support at your service.

Champion User Program

The Champion User would be a designated individual or a small team of individuals who will undergo comprehensive training from our experts. They will become the go-to resource for your internal training and support.

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Commnia Academy (LMS)

This platform serves as a centralised learning hub for in-depth training modules and interactive courses. In addition to written documentation, Commnia has developed video tutorials to facilitate self-paced learning.

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Tailored Training Sessions

Commnia’s training sessions will be customised to reflect the specific workflows, processes, and job responsibilities within your business, ensuring that users gain practical knowledge that directly applies to their roles.

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Knowledge Base

Our extensive Knowledge Base, a repository of comprehensive documentation, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. This resource provides a quick reference for users seeking solutions to common queries.

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Dedicated Support Team

Commnia’s dedicated customer success team is based in Sydney. This enables easy contact and facilitates real-time support, personalised engagement, effective collaboration, and seamless communication.

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Customer Success Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated customer success manager who will serve as the primary point of contact between your team and Commnia, as well as gain access to a broader customer success team network, providing comprehensive support.

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Collaborative Enhancements

We actively seek input from you on potential enhancements and features that could improve the platform’s utility. This collaborative approach ensures that the Commnia platform remains aligned with your specific needs.

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Proactive Issue Resolution

In the event of any challenges or issues, our customer success team is readily available for quick and proactive resolution. We prioritise minimising downtime and ensuring that your business experiences minimal disruptions.

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Support Channels

You will have access to dedicated support channels, including a hotline, live-chat, screen-share, and email. These channels guarantee that you have a range of options for assistance, support and issue resolution.  

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