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Create forms, share them with your site, and use the data you collect to take control of your project.

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Commnia Smart Forms facilitates the collection of valuable data for your project by utilising advanced data collection techniques. This ensures that the information gathered is pertinent and beneficial for informed decision making within your organization.

  • Create

    Create stunning and functional forms effortlessly with our user-friendly form builder. Choose from a wide range of industry-standard forms or customize your own forms to meet the specific requirements of your complex project.

  • Collaborate

    Effortlessly share your forms and gather information in your preferred format with our website. Say goodbye to cumbersome PDFs and embrace mobile-friendly forms that seamlessly integrate with your project emails.

  • Authorise

    Maintain control over on-site activities through form digital sign-offs. Ensure that every member of your project team adheres to your standards, and receive instant email notifications as soon as tasks are completed. Stay informed and keep your project on track with our efficient notification system.

  • QR Code

    Effortlessly access any form by simply scanning the provided QR Code. Gain immediate access to comprehensive data specific to a location, including checklists, attachments, videos, drawings, and more. Get all the relevant information you need in one convenient place.

  • Track

    Stay informed about on-site activities using our Forms Dashboard. Gain valuable insights into the progress of your project through our comprehensive reports. Moreover, gather the necessary information in the format of your choice.

  • Report

    Streamline your form management process by consolidating all your forms in a centralized database. Easily access and retrieve information from submissions with our export options, allowing you to generate reports and derive valuable insights. Effortlessly harness the power of your form data for informed decision-making.

Digitise your data collection

Streamline your quality and safety processes by adapting a new approach to your on-site checklists. The new and improved Commnia Forms drag-and-drop builder allows you to create rich, beautiful and functional forms with a click and collect data in the format that you specify.

Unique to Smart Forms

Rich Elements

Embed images, videos, subheadings and text into the body of your form to create a rich, informative and branded document


Ensure you never miss a vital license, qualification or on-site permit again by specifying file or image uploads with your Form submission

Accept or Reject

Ensure all information is provided in line with your requirements by accepting or rejecting form submissions.


Keep a high level view over your submissions at all times with Commnia Forms dashboard with filters and search capability

Project Management Solution

Community SmartForms

Jumpstart your work with Forms by constructing your IMS system utilising our Community Forms.

Commnia App delivers enhanced project visibility and accountability

Commnia Forms enabled our team to take control of inductions and incident reports with ease.

Mark Robbinson

HoneyGuide Pty Ltd