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Introducing Commnia Sign-on

Commnia Sign-on

Discover the power of our newly integrated feature – the Commnia Sign-on, seamlessly combined with Site Diary and Inductions. It’s a one-stop solution that offers real-time tracking of on-site personnel and an effortless way to collect crucial compliance information.

With Commnia’s rapid QR code generation for sign-ins, managing your projects becomes a breeze. Unique codes are assigned to your projects, enabling the maintenance of precise and compliant records like never before.

Enhance your site’s safety and security with our dynamic QR codes, which change after a specified time. Or, if you prefer, create static QR codes that can be printed and displayed on-site for everyone to scan upon entry.

Unlock the potential of our geofencing feature – set your project’s boundaries and let the system automatically track users. The moment they leave the site, they are automatically signed out, boosting your site’s security and data accuracy.

But that’s not all! Our sign-on process is conveniently linked with the induction process. This means everyone entering the site will have completed the necessary induction – an added layer of safety and compliance assurance for your projects. Experience the difference today with Commnia!

Let our software speak for itself and find out why we are different.