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Addressing Labour Shortages in Australia’s Building and Construction Industry: Challenges and Solutions

Australia's building and construction industry is pivotal in meeting the housing and infrastructure demands of a rapidly growing population.

Impact of Industrial Action by the Electrical Trades Union on Housing Construction in New South Wales

This research paper examines the significant impact of the ongoing industrial action by the Electrical Trades Union (ETU).

Women in Construction in Australia – Participation and Future Prospects

The construction industry in Australia has long been male-dominated, with women historically underrepresented.

The Impact of Construction Project Management Software on Project Efficiency and Risk Management

Construction project management software (CPMS) has revolutionised the construction industry.

The Impact of Rising Costs on Australian Construction Companies and How Digital Platforms Can Help

The Australian construction industry is grappling with unprecedented challenges as rising costs exert pressure on companies already operating on tight margins.

The Impact of Technology Resistance Among Subcontractors on the Australian Building Industry

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping industries globally, the construction sector in Australia faces unique challenges.