Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover

Request For Information (RFI)

Commnia understands the importance of Request for Information (RFIs) management. That’s why we’ve developed workflow features to administer RFI's efficiently whilst maintaining complete project transparency and team collaboration.

One Location

Whether you receive or send an RFI externally, you can push it into the Commnia Inbox via the Outlook Plugin to keep all project communication in one central location. Thereafter, every response gets automatically tracked and added as a response to the RFI in Commnia’s Inbox.

On Track

Oversee all project RFI’s via built-in registers in Commnia’s Inbox. Having this information collectively organised helps you manage and monitor the status of outstanding due dates. It also allows you to action any items that need attention.

Category Changes

You can reply straight back from an RFI with a different document category such as a Delay Notice, Project Instruction, Variation, etc. This maintains a chain of events that links through Commnia’s threading feature. You can then filter by category or the RFI register to view the communication on that project.

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