Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover


Dynamic Monthly Billing Model

Welcome to a new era of construction project management with Commnia’s Adaptive Project Pricing. We’re redefining industry standards, offering tailored subscriptions that adapt to your project’s needs. No more traditional cost-based billing – only pay for what you use.

Our monthly billing aligns with your actual usage, adjusting to data consumption and new record creation. Pay only for what you genuinely need, making it the ideal solution for projects of any scale. Welcome to a more flexible and efficient approach to construction project management, exclusively with Commnia.

Base Project

$ 499 Monthly
  • 1 - 50GB


$ 99 Monthly
  • < 0.25GB &
  • < 100 Records


$ 299 Monthly
  • < 0.25GB &
  • > 100 Records


$ 399 Monthly
  • 0.25 - 1GB


$ 499 Monthly
  • 1 - 50GB


$ 599 Monthly
  • > 50GB
Additional Information
  • Base project costs a minimum of $499 monthly.
  • Data allowance per project is set at 1GB. Beyond the initial 1GB, additional data is billed at $9.99/GB per month.
  • Each project includes: 5000 new record transactions per month. Excess records are charged at $0.19 per record beyond 5,000.
  • Monthly Reset: Record count and credits will reset at the beginning of each month.
  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Data

  • 24/7 Support

Cutting-edge features to manage your projects

Unlock the power of Commnia’s construction tools, covering project management, quality and safety, collaboration, and document control – all in one place. Enjoy a full suite without overpaying.
  • Document Overlays

  • Document Markups

  • Document Linking

  • Commnia Drive

  • Dashboards

  • Automated Transmittals

  • Document Transmittal

  • Document Packages

  • Document Register

  • QR Code Linking

  • Tender Automation

  • Procurement

  • Quotations

  • Quote Comparison

  • Tender Addendum

  • Tender Requests

  • Correspondence

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Outlook Add-in

  • Back Charges

  • CRM

  • Extension of Time

  • Notice of Delays

  • Letter of Intent

  • Variations

  • RFIs

  • Built-in Workflows

  • QR Locations

  • Site Diaries

  • Inductions

  • Sign-On

  • Non Conformances

  • Incomplete Work

  • Defects

  • Tasks

  • ITPs

Commnia Aftercare

Explore Commnia’s Project Archive — Enhancing the Lifespan of Your Projects. With the Commnia Archive, gain seamless and cost-effective access to your project data, even after completion. Here’s what we offer:

  • Full offline access to all Commnia features, such as Commnia Inbox, Document Register, Commnia Drive, Site Diary, and Site Manager, including Defects, ITPs, and more.
  • Lifetime Project Access for all stakeholders, ensuring everyone involved can revisit the project anytime.
  • A one-time investment grants you perpetual access to your data.

Interested in elevating your project’s longevity? Click below to discover more.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!

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