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Automated Linking of Drawings

Linking drawings enhances user navigation, allowing for easy movement between related documents

Commnia's Innovative Solution

Commnia employs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to examine drawings meticulously. It identifies shapes and characters that correspond to potential references to other drawings or details within the same drawing. This sophisticated system aims to decode the drawing sheet number mentioned in a callout. When a corresponding drawing is located in the database, Commnia automatically generates a direct link to that related drawing.

Users can effortlessly access these documents from within a drawing by clicking on a designated link icon. This approach enhances user experience and significantly reduces the time spent navigating to the Document Registry and searching countless documents for the needed information.

The Document Linking feature offers several advantages in construction where access to accurate and up-to-date documentation is critical. It enhances communication and collaboration among project teams by providing quick and easy access to relevant information. This, in turn, facilitates better decision-making and helps prevent costly delays or errors.

  • Enhanced Accessibility

    The ability to link documents streamlines access, making it easier for users to find and reference information within the Document Register.

  • Efficient Organisation

    Improved document organisation ensures that related documents are seamlessly linked, reducing clutter and enhancing overall document management efficiency.

  • Clear Confirmation Process

    Users receive clear confirmation emails once the linking process is complete, providing a transparent and reliable way to track the status of document associations.

  • Visual Document Highlights

    Linked documents are visually highlighted with red indicators, offering a quick and intuitive way to identify associated documents within the platform.

  • Collaboration Streamlining

    Streamlined document management fosters better collaboration among project stakeholders, as everyone can easily access and reference the same linked documents.

  • Comprehensive Document Navigation

    Users can seamlessly navigate between linked documents by clicking on provided links, offering a comprehensive view of associated information for efficient project management.

Let us elevate your construction experience to new heights with Commnia's groundbreaking Document Linking feature!