Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover

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Create complex Tender and Transmittal packages with the SmartGrid™ in just a few clicks.
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The Smart Grid designed by Commnia to create tender and transmittal packages in minutes

No other software has a SmartGrid™ like Commnia.
No other software has custom document rules that talk to the SmartGrid™ like Commnia. 
No other software combines the power of intelligent rules with complete document revision control.

The SmartGrid™ combines powerful features to work as a trade based tool, allowing you to create Tenders, Addendums and Transmittals easily and efficiently.

Customise the Grid

Apply rules from your Document Matrix to work with the grid to speed up the process. This gives complete document control at every stage of the project which will save you more time when sending out trade packages. The system will then recognise and pre-select drawings with the correct trades every time a tender package is created.

Auto Sync

The system will recognise any updated drawings uploaded to the register and will send out an email to all recipients as an Addendum. The subcontractor now has an updated version of the drawings because the superseded drawings no longer appear in the register. Only files that are relevant are visible to the subcontractor.

The Tender Dashboard

Once a Tender package is transmitted, you’ll have a visual display and full insight into the progress of the tender process via the Tender Dashboard. It will tell you what date a trade has received the drawings, opened the drawings, whether they accepted the tender, quoted the tender, including a link to every email transmitted for that tender.

Easy Migration

Commnia gives you a seamless migration from the Tendering process to the Construction stage through the Tender Dashboard. There is no disconnect or loss of files between departments because the entire project started in the one system. This is where you save time, money and avoid errors.

Let our software speak for itself and find out why we are different.