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Document Register

Seamlessly upload, organise, and distribute documents, all while fostering collaboration and ensuring document integrity.

Document Register

Cutting Edge Features

Experience the unparalleled power of our central repository, where every document-related task is simplified, and productivity soars. It’s time to reimagine document management and elevate your project management to new heights – it’s time for Commnia.

Rapid Speed

Experience unparalleled efficiency as you access the right documents at lightning speed from any device. Our platform ensures exceptional speed and performance, empowering you to accomplish more in less time.

Seamless Approval Processes

Simplify the approval workflow by integrating straightforward approval mechanisms. Document Controllers can easily review and approve documents within the platform, streamlining the entire process and reducing delays.

Seamless User Experience

Navigate effortlessly through our intuitively designed interface, tailored for both on-site and head office teams. No extensive training required – simply access and manage documents seamlessly across all your devices.

Effortless Upload

Our platform provides a user-friendly interface for uploading documents. Whether it’s project plans, reports, or contracts, you can upload them with ease in just a few clicks.

Reliable Performance

Trust in the stability and consistency of our platform. We prioritise reliability to ensure smooth operation day in and day out, allowing you to focus on your project without disruptions.

Cross-Referencing Capabilities

Establish cross-references to highlight relevant information or dependencies. Ensure users have access to all relevant context and resources, enhancing organisation and accessibility.

Adaptability to Project Needs

Customise the platform to align with your project’s unique requirements. Define rules and workflows that reflect your organisation’s processes, allowing for flexibility and adaptability as projects evolve.

Rule-Based Automation

Implement rule-based automation to automate repetitive tasks and enforce compliance with project guidelines. This enhances efficiency and consistency across document management processes.

Dynamic Rule Adjustment

Experience unparalleled efficiency as you access the right documents at lightning speed from any device. Our platform ensures exceptional speed and performance, empowering you to accomplish more in less time.


Scale editing tasks efficiently to accommodate large volumes of documents. Whether updating project templates, revising contractual agreements, or implementing regulatory changes, bulk editing capabilities empower users to manage diverse document sets with ease.

Targeted Delivery

Efficiently distribute documents to relevant stakeholders based on predefined criteria such as disciplines, status, progress groups and trade. This targeted approach ensures that each recipient receives the information they need, minimising clutter and improving communication.

Centralised Distribution Hub

Utilise a centralised distribution hub within the platform to manage document dissemination. Administrators and Document Controllers can oversee distribution channels, monitor delivery status, and track recipient engagement, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

Real-Time Syncing

Ensure that all team members have access to the latest document versions in real time, regardless of their location or device. Real-time syncing minimises the risk of working with outdated information, promoting collaboration and alignment.

Audit Trail Analysis

Analyse the document’s audit trail to identify patterns, trends, or potential issues. By examining historical data, project managers can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and improve overall project performance

Version Comparison

Compare different versions of the same document to identify changes, additions, or deletions over time. This allows stakeholders to track the progression of ideas, address discrepancies, and ensure alignment with project goals.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Ensure consistency and accuracy across a batch of documents by applying uniform edits. Bulk editing capabilities enable users to maintain standardised formatting, terminology, and style guidelines, enhancing document quality and coherence.

Access Control

Implement access controls to regulate who can make changes to documents and at what level. Granular permissions ensure that only authorised personnel can edit or approve revisions, safeguarding document integrity and minimising the risk of unauthorised alterations.

Audit Trails

Generate detailed audit trails that log every action taken including revisions, approvals, and access permissions. These audit trails serve as a valuable accountability tool, providing insights into user activity and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Automated Workflows

Implement automated distribution workflows to streamline the process of sending documents. By eliminating manual intervention, this feature accelerates information dissemination and reduces the risk of errors or oversights.

Revision Control

Maintain a comprehensive record of document revisions, including changes made, timestamps, and contributors. This transparent version tracking enables stakeholders to review the document’s evolution and understand the rationale behind each modification.

Interconnected Ecosystem

Seamlessly link related documents within the platform to create an interconnected ecosystem of information. This enables users to navigate effortlessly between interconnected documents, facilitating holistic understanding and informed decision-making.

Mark Ups

Gain a detailed understanding of the evolution of each document through comprehensive tracking of its history. This includes a chronological record of revisions, edits, and annotations made by various contributors.

Centralised Management

Maintain centralised control over drawings, revisions, and document distribution to ensure consistency and compliance with project requirements.

Real-time Notifications

Receive instant notifications when documents are uploaded or require approval, keeping all stakeholders informed and ensuring prompt action.