Commnia Changelog

Commnia 3.1.0


  • We’ve redesigned the Form Builder to make selecting modules cleaner and easier.
  • Various minor improvements to Forms UI to make it easier to navigate and more consistent with other Commnia modules
  • The Submit and Save button now appears at the bottom of Forms, rather than the top.
  • Added the ability to add Images and Videos to Forms. Add company logos or induction videos to Forms you send from Commnia.
  • You can now create a printable report on Form submissions, including a QR code that links to the Form in Commnia.
  • Users can now click the green Form button in emails to view the attached document.
  • Forms now has its own menu item. Communication + Contracts has been renamed to simply Communication.
  • Searching for contacts in emails will also include their company name.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where two popups would appear when changing access on Commnia Drive.
  • We’ve renamed PDF Letter to Print to PDF in Commnia correspondences.
  • Fixed a bug where the system would send two notifications after one. It now sends only one.

Commnia 3.0.9

New Features

  • We’ve improved the project dropdown to make filtering through your projects easier and made it an easier overall experience. Archived projects will no longer show up in your project dropdown by default.
  • Checklists and inspections module. You can now create checklists and inspections as part of the Site Manager. Assign an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) to a user and require that they fill out a checklist to mark the item as complete.
  • You can now mark confidential Forms as private, meaning only the sender and recipient can view them. Use this feature for Inductions and other sensitive material.
  • Commnia Sign-on will automatically add sign-ons into your contact data base. If the sign-on is an existing user, their data will be linked. If they are a new user, they will be added under a Guest company.


  • Forms are no longer tethered to Inbox Categories. You can create your own Categories for ‘
  • Forms can now allow photos and document attachments
  • We’ve made it easier to assign and complete items in the Site Manager, such as defects and inspections
  • We’ve rehauled the emails sent from Commnia so it’s easier for users to download attachments, view PDF letters, or access the email in Commnia.
  • In addition to filling out Forms on your mobile phone, you can now view and send them.
  • We’ve made improvements to the functions and looks of the mobile phone app.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several issues around popups appearing twice and other popup errors.
  • We’ve clarified several error messages across the system.
  • We’ve fixed several issues around the Commnia Drive, including deleting and sharing access.
  • The search in Site Diary now works again. Contact lookups that disappeared from some pages have been reinstated.
  • General improvements and UI touch ups to make navigating easier.

Commnia 3.0.7


  • Forms is now accessible from the Communication menu.
  • You can now assign, edit, share, and delete Forms from the Forms Templates menu.
  • Users can now fill out forms themselves via the Forms Template menu.
  • You can now assign Forms with a due date. The due dates will be reflected in the Forms Entries page.
  • Various UI improvements to the Forms Templates and Forms Entries pages.

New features

  • Builders can now edit the first name, last name, phone number, and job position of their contacts.
  • When an external user updates their details on the My Profile page, they will now have the option to push these updates to builders they work with.
  • Users can now import defects directly from Excel spreadsheets using the Import Defect tool.

Bug fixes

  • The Tender Dashboard will now show the correct results when filtering multiple statuses.
  • Auto-fill suggestions in filter search boxes will now capitalise correctly.
  • Fixed an error where the Meeting Minutes and Site Diary pages would not refresh properly when changing projects.
  • Fixed an error that would appear when accessing Commnia using Google Chrome on certain iPad models.
  • Fixed an error where some Commnia links were giving errors or asking users to log in again.
  • Improved error messaging on projects that are unlicensed or where a licence has expired.
  • Fixed several display issues when using Commnia on a mobile device.
  • Fixed an error where change email requests would not reflect the changes on the user’s profile page.
  • Clicking the buttons on the Company Document Management page will now successful redirect the user to the specified project.
  • Fixed an error where the save button on the contact details page was cutting off for some users with small screens.
  • Photos in Site Diary will now display by default at their full size.
  • Fixed an error where the last message in certain Inbox views was cut off.
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