Commnia Changelog

Commnia 3.0.2


  • Users can now select multiple documents in the Document Register by shift-/ctrl-clicking
  • The sender name of emails sent from Commnia has changed. The sender name will appear as following: Firstname Surname (Companyname via Commnia). For example: Bill Gates (Microsoft via Commnia).
  • Users can now access the Project and Contacts menus without first selecting a project
  • Emails sent via the SmartGrid will now include the sender’s Commnia signature.

Bug fixes

  • Configure dashboard button no longer takes you to an error page
  • Creating a new email after selecting a particular document category in the Inbox will now automatically select that category in your email
  • Clicking save to update project details will no longer create a new project
  • Several bugs that appeared when creating or editing a project have been resolved
  • Several bugs that appeared when sending marked up drawings have been resolved
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