Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover

Case Study

Building Excellence

A Collaborative journey of Deicorp and Commnia in elevating construction quality

Founded in 1999, Deicorp is a privately-owned Australian property development and construction group with expertise in residential, commercial, and retail property. They are recognised as Sydney’s leading builder of modern, transport-connected developments. Deicorp is committed to providing confidence and peace of mind for every purchaser by delivering a complete end-to-end service. From their superior site selection to their expertise in design and construction through to their sales and customer-focused service, and after-sales support, Deicorp is with their clients every step of the way.

The Problem

In their unwavering commitment to excellence, Deicorp identified the challenge of managing and collecting Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) using paper-based systems. Recognising the need for a transformative shift, Deicorp sought digital solutions to streamline ITP processes. The overarching goal was to enhance accountability, minimise errors, and ultimately elevate the standard of construction excellence that Deicorp is synonymous with.

The Response

Deicorp, as an innovative forward-thinking property development and construction group, recognised the need to innovate and prioritise construction quality. Understanding the profound impact that construction practices have on the built environment and the satisfaction of their clientele, Deicorp sought to redefine industry standards. In collaboration with Commnia, they aimed to set a new standard for excellence in construction within NSW.

The Objectives

  • To utilise a streamlined system tailored to meet the specific requirements of Deicorp.
  • To evaluate the impact of digital ITPs on project success and ongoing maintenance.
  • To enhance communication channels within the projects fostering transparency.

The Solution

  • Digital access to drawings and a centralised document register ensured uniformity among subcontractors, fostering collaboration.
  • Transitioning to digital ITPs facilitated accurate record-keeping, ease of recall, and efficient review, mitigating issues associated with paper-based methods.
  • Commnia’s user-friendly interface empowered easy navigation and creation of ITP forms, simplifying the process for all stakeholders.
  • Positive feedback from the NSW Building Commissioner underscored the effectiveness of the digital ITP system.
  • The integration of digital forms streamlined the management of ITPs, providing real-time insights into progress.
  • The Results

  • Real-time collection of ITPs significantly improved project oversight, enabling Deicorp to stay on top of their projects.
  • Accountability for task completion was enhanced through the adoption of digital forms, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.
  • The incorporation of QR Sign and site Diary functionality ensured accountability across the entire project team.
  • The Future

    Deicorp welcomes the ongoing digital transformation within the industry and plans to continue leveraging technology for scalability and efficiency in future projects. The commitment to adopting digital solutions remains integral to Deicorp’s vision of maintaining excellence in construction quality and meeting the evolving needs of the construction landscape. Commnia is proud to be a part of this journey.
    “Thanks to Commnia, the real-time collection of ITPs has significantly improved our project oversight. The adoption of digital forms has enhanced accountability for task completion, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays. Additionally, the incorporation of QR Sign and Site Diary functionality has ensured accountability across our entire project team.”

    — Fernando Ferreira, Quality & Systems Manager Deicorp