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4 Reasons Why We Are Proud To Be An Australian Made SaaS Product

Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to feel somewhat patriotic right now but actions always speak louder than words. We’re not talking about flying the flag in the front yard or painting your house green and yellow. Consciously, we should all be trying to shop for Australian made products. It simply helps put money back into the economy.

In the case of technology, you may or may not know, Australia produces some of the world’s leading software. Along with AtlassianCanvaXero and Envato, we’ve always been proud of being homegrown. We believe our understanding of contracts, methodologies and terminology for the Australian Building, Construction and Mining Industries puts us a step ahead of products that are developed and supported overseas for different markets.

We pay tribute to the thousands of Australian companies and users that have continually used our software over the last 20 years, providing valuable input and allowing us to constantly develop and improve a truly great product.

  • We are proud to support local families with an all Australian workforce

    We are lucky enough to be able to employ Australians from all different backgrounds. Our amazing team is made up of local teams of Programmers, Developers, Support, Marketing and Sales people.

  • We support the local economy

    Every dollar spent by us is primarily spent in the local economy from electricity, buildings, to buying supplies from local businesses. We try to source feasible Australian options when purchasing everything, thus continuing to stimulate Australian businesses.

  • We provide and can guarantee a safe, healthy and happy workplace

    We provide our team with fantastic facilities to work from and give them access to the many opportunities of education, travel, personal development that Australia has to offer and the rest of the world admires.

  • Quality control

    We stand 100% behind the quality of our software. Australian Construction is not for the faint-hearted! The industry demands robust and thoroughly tested products that work. We attribute a huge part of our success to the fact that all features and updates are developed and tested in our office and on-site. When there is something amiss... it's fixed locally and immediately, allowing our users to get on with their job. Even our support team is based from head office, if they can’t solve an issue on the spot, they have the extended support of the entire development team to assist. 

Supporting Australia’s Covid 19 Recovery

The Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) is calling on Australia’s business community and all levels of government to adopt ‘buy Australian first’ procurement policies, to help fast-track the country’s resurgence as it plans its recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

According to AMCL Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, a coordinated push to ‘buy local’ has the potential to play a big part in getting Australia back online.

“Australia’s economic landscape will be forever changed, however there is an opportunity for federal, state and local governments, as well as Australia’s business community, to take the lead and put policies in place that prioritise genuine Aussie products for major projects, supply contracts and everyday consumables.”

“Reinvesting in local industry and local jobs through sustainable purchasing policies will go a long way towards helping Australia bounce back.”

Research conducted by Roy Morgan Research in 2017 found that while three quarters of businesses had a preference for buying Australian products, only 26% of those surveyed were found to have an official policy in place.

“The time is right to transition that preference into written policy,” said Mr Lazzaro. “It comes at a time when there is also increasing awareness of the high quality and safety standards Australian producers must meet, as well as demonstrable value for money over product lifecycles—important considerations for procurement professionals.”

We’re buying Australian Made. Are you?

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