Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover

Commnia is the easiest construction project management system on the market and with every update – we make it easier and more intuitive for our users. 

To facilitate a new level of collaboration to your complex building project – Commnia is empowering you to automate more, make it simple to communicate in a structured manner and create visibility over every facet of your project. 

Version release 3.1.2 delivers more control over revisions of documents and drawings and makes managing site teams easier than ever. Compare and highlight the changes between documents, automate site sign-on, and digitise your paper forms.


Document Comparison Tool

Quickly and easily compare two versions and never miss a diagram revision again with the addition of Commnia’s Comparison Tool as part of your document management toolkit. The intelligent tool will allow you to overlay two document versions from your Document Register or Commnia Drive, compare them, and highlight differences in red and blue.

Smart Forms

Automate your manual processes in 20 minutes using Commnia Smart Forms. 

Create your checklists, site inductions, ITP’s and other quality and safety procedures with a click, share them with your team, approve or decline and have clear visibility over submissions.

QR Sign-On

Streamline labour management and maintain visibility across your visitors and contractors on-site anytime, anywhere with Commnia QR Sign-On. 

The Commnia team delivers amendments to the Sign-Off function to strengthen Site Diary integration in this update. The function allows you to create branded static or dynamic QR codes to display on-site entry points. With this update, Commnia will sync with Site Diary to populate labour hours once your site visitor signs off.

Discover the easiest document management system on the market.

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