Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover


With a rich history spanning over two decades, Commnia, stands at the forefront of construction innovation in Australia. Our journey has been marked by successful partnerships with hundreds of the nation’s leading construction companies. From projects valued from $500,000 to substantial ventures exceeding $1.7 billion, our software has consistently proven its worth by facilitating seamless communication, collaboration, and coordination among project teams.

Proudly, Commnia is also actively engaged in a lasting collaboration with Western Sydney University (WSU), demonstrating our commitment to academic advancement and innovation. Commnia is actively integrated into the curriculum at Western Sydney University, exemplifying our dedication to academic progress and innovation through hands-on learning experiences for students.

We are delighted welcome another cohort of students who will be utilising Commnia as part of their studies in Bachelor of Construction Management, Master of Project Management and Master of Construction Law. It is such an honour to continue our partnership with Western Sydney University (WSU) and the Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC) to contribute to the curriculum alongside Professor Srinath Perera and Dr Samudaya Nanayakkara.

WSU integrates Commnia into its construction curriculum, offering students firsthand experience in streamlining document management processes within the industry. Commnia simplifies the process of uploading and managing documents, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all files. With features like Document Matrix and Auto Distribution, students can see how to efficiently handle revisions and approvals, reducing administrative burden.

One standout feature is our innovative use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which automatically links related drawings within documents. This enhances navigation and accessibility, saving time and improving user experience. Additionally, our Markup Tool facilitates collaboration by allowing students to understand how to annotate and share drawings seamlessly.

For Document Transmittals, we offer an intuitive Smart Grid feature, simplifying the creation process with customisable rules and automated distribution. The system provides complete traceability, ensuring accountability and efficiency throughout the transmission process.

With Commnia Drive, students have easy access to secure file storage and sharing capabilities from any device. Unlimited storage and intuitive organisation features keep documents organised and accessible, further enhancing productivity and collaboration within construction projects.

By equipping the next generation of construction industry professionals with cutting-edge practices and processes, we are laying the foundation for a future that prioritises sustainability, safety, and improved construction quality.

In this noteworthy partnership with WSU, we also take great pride in our sponsorship of a PhD program titled “Automation of Compliance Checking at the Early Stage of Design Submission Using Artificial Intelligence.”

The Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC) at Western Sydney University’s School of Engineering, Design, and Built Environment is renowned for its pioneering research and commitment to industry collaboration. Spearheaded by Doctoral Researcher Prasad Perera, in conjunction co-funding from Commnia, a groundbreaking research project is underway. This endeavour aims to revolutionise compliance in the construction industry through the development of a cutting-edge Deep Learning-based methodology.

By harnessing data from building information models and images, this innovative approach seeks to automate compliance checking processes, driving efficiency and cost mitigation strategies. This initiative underscores the transformative potential of digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), heralding a future marked by enhanced productivity, sustainability, and safety standards in construction.

Through its implementation, the project promises not only economic benefits but also significant advancements in environmental and societal sustainability, fostering a brighter future for the industry and beyond.

This collaborative initiative underscores Commnia’s dedication to supporting cutting-edge research and through this ongoing collaboration, we aim to contribute to the academic community and foster advancements in the realm of AI-driven compliance checking methodologies.

With Commnia as a vital part of their education, the next cohort of students at Western Sydney University (WSU) and the Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC) are poised to lead the construction industry into a digitalised future with confidence and expertise.