Commnia Construction Software from pre-construction to handover

Speaking to our customers over the past year, one message has been increasingly clear: quality assurance has never been so important.

Just look at the legislative changes in the 12 months. In NSW, builders are now accountable for defects for 10 years after completion. David Chandler, the NSW Building Commissioner, has vowed to “clean up” shoddy workmanship on construction sites and has new powers to withhold occupancy certificates until his office is satisfied. Other state governments, including Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, are mulling similar moves. 


But while concern has grown, technology has not necessarily followed. Australian builders continue to create and distribute key quality-assurance documents using outdated systems like Word, Excel or, worse, pen and paper. All too often, as projects become more intensive and complex, these systems break down, leaving builders liable to costly mistakes and the constant threat of litigation for years to come. 


That’s why today, we’re proud to announce that you can now manage your inspection plans and checklists in Commnia. Create beautiful, branded inspections and checklists. Access your contact list to distribute these to the right person with visibility over progress.



Revolutionize yourquality assurance processes, ensuring your team are producing their best work and saving time for the things that matter most. 

Create and control comprehensive checklists and inspections

Our Smart Form Builder allows even the least tech-savvy user to easily create powerful checklists and inspections tailored directly to your project. These forms scale beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices, making them easy to fill out no matter whether you’re in the office or getting muddy on site. Multiple users can collaborate over the same documents, ensuring that all relevant people have an eye on what needs to be included and check whether a form has been filled out correctly.


Seamlessly distribute 

But creating great checklists is only half the battle. That’s why we’ve built Smart Forms to fully integrate with Site Manager. That means you can attach your inspection and checklists to site tasks, allowing you to allocate them and track their progress. Take advantage of your project contact list on Commnia and efficiently distribute your checklists alongside your other project documentation. 
Smart Forms give you the tools to control the distribution of your site-specific forms. When we began developing our checklist and inspection functions, we consistently heard stories from safety managers about the difficulties of managing multiple versions of the same form.

Quickly modify existing templates to create and send project-specific checklists and inspections with a few clicks. That’s no longer a concern with Smart Forms. Even after you’ve distributed your forms, you can update them in real-time by changing the template in the Forms Library. This ensures that everyone involved in a project uses the correct and most up-to-date version..

Track and monitor submissions

Once your site-specific forms have been sent, you can quickly check their progress on the Smart Forms Register. This will provide granular detail of the progress on the task. You can check the individual history of each form to see, for instance, when it was sent out, which user and when it was filled out, and its progress. Easily search and filter your results to see which checklists or inspections are outstanding and who is holding up the process. 

Keeping up can be difficult when you’ve got hundreds of forms circulating across dozens of projects. Make the most of your data and reduce your construction costs by identifying pattern problems before they happen. Use the Commnia Dashboard to efficiently check the statuses of your checklists and other site documents at a glance. We’ve also built powerful reporting functions, including export to Excel empowers users to use the data they’ve collected. 

To learn more about creating, distributing, and managing your inspections and checklists using Commnia Smart Forms, book a demo today