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As a construction manager or business owner, taking control of your induction process is essential for reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Many are turning to automation to better manage their workforce.  Given that site inductions are a legal requirement and that each visitor and contractor should receive a site-specific induction at every new site they work on – your induction process is the first place to start.

One by one, our clients are realising that the benefits of an automated process by far outweigh the cost of technology and change management.

Smart Forms and Inductions 

Smart Forms are the latest technology in construction forms, designed specifically to streamline worker inductions. Unlike traditional forms, which can be time-consuming and difficult to manage, Smart Forms are automated – freeing up your site management team to focus on the tasks that matter.

With Commnia’s induction automation feature, users simply scan a QR code upon entering the site and their induction is automatically recorded in Commnia’s cloud-based platform. If the visitor or contractor is not yet inducted, Commnia sends an email Induction Form to their digital device

Many of our clients, driven by digital transformation to a more mature, accountable and scalable model of construction, have already implemented digital inductions using Smart Forms.

By creating a customized and capable digital form to collect induction information, our users are able to both save time and operate without concerns about loss of information. After all, all submissions are stored safely in Commnia cloud with your other project files for the length of project construction and beyond.  

Use Smart Forms to distribute and collect essential information into your Induction forms:

Site Induction Automation 

Commnia Induction automation bridges your project site and head office. It manages and stores all your inductions in Commnia, so you have one complete source of truth for your people working on site.

When staff or contractors visit the site for the first time, Commnia will ask them to log their details, and check if they have inducted themselves in the past. If an induction for this particular project site is not found, the system will send your visitor the pre-built induction form. The Induction Smart Form is able to collect photos, licenses, vaccination certificates, and more. All this information is stored in your Smart Form Register.  

Smart Forms are equipped with the ability to specify an approving manager for each and every form template compiled, allowing your Site Manager to maintain full control of the induction process.

Once site staff have been inducted, they will be able to sign on as normal using the same QR code. All site visits are automatically saved in the Site Diary.  Commnia induction automation is the simplest way to induct your site visitors.

Our Induction Automation is a game-changer for Australian construction firms. With Commnia, you can streamline your induction processes and focus on what truly matters: keeping your team safe and ensuring project success. 

See it in action 

With the power of Commnia, you can easily create Smart Forms that collect all the necessary information from employees and contractors, storing it in a safe and accessible common data environment. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to update your existing workflow, Commnia makes it easy to stay ahead of the curve with all the tools you need to optimize your inductions. So why wait? Sign up today and start taking control of your induction process!

Take control of your induction process – reduce administration, save time and stay completely compliant with Health and Safety regulations by storing Induction information in a safe common data environment with Commnia. 

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