People remember 80% of what they see and do, 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear (1)


A picture tells a thousand words! This is because our sense of sight is the most important when it comes to understanding and retaining information.

When communicating information on the go, you need to ensure that your message is clear and well understood by all others involved. People can take in information in different ways, and communicating visually will assist in readability, and understanding.

Communicating in regard to complex plans and revisions should leave nothing to chance. Illustrating the issue in a way that is received with crystal clear clarity will help avoid errors later on. In examining building defects affecting construction, Griffith University research found that as much as 50-60% of defects arise in design stages. The study also finds that the major reason for human error involved in causation of these defects is often due to insufficient organisational practices (2).

To take control and improve organisational practices, the key factor is to have just the right set of tools at hand. This is especially the case when changes concern communication of important design revisions. A platform that makes it easy for users to communicate visually will enable a difficult or detailed message to be received with crystal clarity. The Commnia Markup digital toolbelt helps users to compare revisions of a plan or diagram, mark up changes and send them to relevant contacts with a click.

Help accelerate your design reviews and make sure that correspondence is visible to the right person at the right time with Commnia! 

Mark up, measure and annotate documents using a loaded inventory of tools available:

    • Comparison Tool: Mark up two layered design revisions highlighted in red and blue
    • Measurement Tool: Measure diagram components with accuracy in order to compare and contrast plans
    • Annotation Tools: Illustrate instructions and changes with a rich library of annotation options  
    • Signatures: Enable sign-offs by incorporating a requirement for a signature with your review requests  
    • Commnia Inbox: Save and organize revisions on the go and collect all responses, approvals and explanations in one location
    • Visual Attachments: Commnia includes a snapshot of your mark-up in the email body for easy reference. 
    • Email Integration: Replies sent on the go from any email service will save with your correspondence
    • Document Register: View your entire markup history. It is stored with Commnia for the length of your project construction.

Build with confidence using Commnia.

See the platform in action.

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