Fast-Track projects with tools anyone can master by unlocking seamless collaboration with Commnia's end-to-end construction management.

Commnia, the smarter way to manage projects.

Our cutting-edge software is designed to empower construction professionals with the tools they need to efficiently plan, execute, and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Commnia offers an all-in-one system that requires no integration, providing a suite of features from Tendering, Procurement, Document Management, Project Communication, Defects, ITPs, and Safety in a single, centralised platform.

With over 23 years’ experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges the construction industry faces, we’ve crafted a comprehensive suite of project management tools that streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure success from blueprint to build.

Join us on this journey as we redefine construction project management for the digital age and pave the way for a brighter, more efficient future in the industry.

Trusted for over 20 years

Commnia has powered projects across residential, commercial, infrastructure, capital, and government sectors for over two decades.

Connect your team

Commnia keeps all team members and stakeholders involved in a project connected anytime, anywhere, from any device.​

Increase efficiency

We take projects from concept to completion efficiently, automating tasks and enhancing productivity at every stage.

Best-in-class features to help you get the job done.

Commnia inbox icon
Project Communication

The Inbox is the heart of Commnia, designed to run like an engine to document and successfully manage projects for the construction industry.

Document Control​

Document control is the backbone of Commnia, packed with industry specific features. It automates document distribution, making uploading documents manageable.

Tasks + Workflows​

Manage your team with tasks and workflows. Raise tasks quickly, easily monitor progress, and stay on track with due dates, reminders and reports.


Commnia Sign-On enables the use of static and dynamic QR codes across all your sites to assist with maximum compliance and accountability. Keep track of exactly who is on your project site in real-time, at all times.


Commnia’s easy-to-use form builder lets you create Induction forms in minutes. Customise forms with videos, photos, questions, and checkboxes, or select from our library of industry-standard forms to distribute quickly to your team.

Inspections & Checklists

Build attractive inspections & Checklists with Commnia's Form Builder. Easily find a share your ITP's, Safety Checklists and Commissioning Forms with Commnia's Site Manager.

Defects + Quality

Capture defects on the go with the intuitive Defects App Module. Monitor progress with real-time status updates to make the most of your time on site.

Commnia Drive​

Stay organised with an unlimited amount of storage. Transfer any number of files, in any file type and size. Even share files with team members instantly.

Tendering + Procurement​

No other software delivers a powerful Tender Grid like Commnia. It allows you to create and send tender packages in less than five minutes.

Site Diaries​

Log times and events quickly and accurately with the Site Diary module. It is packed with features such as time sheets, event tracking, activity logs and reporting.

Meeting Minutes​

Use the meeting minutes feature to accurately record and manage meetings of any discipline across the entire company. Makes attendance distribution super easy.


Commnia stores your contacts securely on one centralised database, with extensive search and filter options to help you find who you need in just seconds.

Feature Spotlight: Commnia Forms

Digitize all your company documents, share with internal or external users and measure the results to improve efficiencies in your business using drag and drop Commnia Form.

Let our software do the talking.

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